About Us


For many people, establishing a business is primarily a means of livelihood. However, for Filipina entrepreneur Marinelle D. Salvador, it is something much more. From childhood, Maria’s dream has always been to make her mark in the fashion retail circuit, by bringing to life fresh, current, and exciting finds for fashion-lovers all over. An avid fan of the catwalk, Maria sought to recreate the celebrity look for everyone, relying on trendy and up-to-the-minute design inspirations while creating her products. After all, why should high fashion be restricted to the elite?

Her passion bore fruit when her very own brand, Maria Salvador, was established on January 9, 2013. The Philippine-based company blazed a trail in seeking global fashion ideas, which are evident in its diverse range of products. With various creations to complete your wardrobe, Maria Salvador offers something for both men and women. Need something to go with your business suit? We got it. Or maybe something fun for your weekend getup? Look no further. From formal topsiders to slip-ons, from purses to totes, Maria Salvador is here to complete your OOTD!


Why Maria Salvador?

In the sea of big-name brands, what makes us stand out? The answer is simple: we provide the best possible quality at a price you can afford. Unlike other brands, you don’t pay a premium for the “name” just to feel secure. The Maria Salvador guarantee goes into the product, not the price! Because for us, designing and creating these products are not just for profit. It’s also for fun and passion. It’s not something just born of a need to do business, but something that is dear.

Furthermore, we believe in making our products available to everyone. You won’t find us cooped up in specialty stores found only in high-end malls, or limited only to certain places. We go where you are! With e-commerce being the next frontier of retail, we have taken the plunge at Marketa, Shopee, Carousell, and here at our website. Because why waste your time looking for your perfect look when you can spend more time wearing it?

As an independent player in the saturated fashion market, Maria Salvador makes a mark by being an example of good business practices. We never take advantage of our patrons with shady practices, bloated prices, or unexpected charges even when buying online. All terms, from the shipping specifics to how we protect your data when you sign up online, are clearly laid out. Neither do we shortchange our customers by knowingly selling subpar products.


What is the Maria Salvador Look?

Our womenswear collection goes for the fun and flirty look, while maintaining the sophistication and practicality of the modern Filipina. Our durable, everyday slip-ons are eye-catchingly chic, letting you dress to impress no matter the occasion. You can also stand out from the crowd with our casual loafers that add that much-needed attitude to any getup. Maria Salvador designs are guaranteed to fit well with most of your wardrobe — they’re made for your feet, not for the display case!

Our bags adhere to a similar design principle. Practical and efficient, they complement a wide array of looks. You can go from serious office girl to stand-out mall rat in one go! And because we make everything with the durability of Filipino craftsmanship, all our bags are guaranteed to serve you for years to come.

The Maria Salvador men’s line can also take you from the sharp-dressed youth to the energetic weekend warrior without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re looking to fit on the street or in the office, our shoes won’t let you down! While other brands leave you puzzled on what you can wear for what occasion, the Maria Salvador line lets you unleash that inner creative spirit that has long been dormant. And it lets you do that successfully, too!


Stand out and go places

Let’s face it — your daily activities can only be as good as what you’re wearing. If an opportunity presents itself, are you up for it? Can your shoes take on both the rough roads and the catwalk in one go? Can your accessories take you from business meetings to nights out without looking out of place? It’s one thing to stand out in your comfort zone. It’s another to break your barriers and go places.

Maria Salvador lets you do both, and do it in style. As a proudly Filipino brand, all our products are made with versatility and excellence in mind. You are young, you are bold, and you are raring to test your limits. Why not wear something that speaks your language, that values the same things you do?

At the same time that we take the high end of fashion to bring it to you, we don’t do it pretentiously. Each Maria Salvador shoe and accessory is made from genuine materials, with soles, handles, and bodies that can take a beating. We use imported materials and local expertise from master craftsmen, including techniques such as double-stitching to add much-needed durability. Compare that with other brand names that can fall apart at the slightest misuse! Handmade products mean nothing gets overlooked at the factory line, and every angle gets inspected.

Maria Salvador knows that for each product we sell, we’re not just doing business. We’re building lasting relationships. We’re not just contributing to the country’s trade, we’re also contributing to its citizens. Look sharp and take on the day with confidence!

And because we value our relationships with our patrons, Maria Salvador always strives to be where you are. Just how many fashion brands have their own text line like we do? You can also check out our social media profiles to see what we’re up to, and to view the latest trends. Like, share, and comment — we listen! We could also send updates straight to your inbox through our email list.

Style, comfort, durability, and affordability. These are the four things anyone would look for in a fashion find. Maria Salvador has all these, backed with passion and excellence. Because we want you to stand out and go places!