Between Anomalies

Between Anomalies | Maria Salvador
November 23, 2021 – December 6, 2021

Ceaseless colloquies about the variances of black-and-white have echoed – its tension always in flux, two polarities which swim in constant motion. Be that as it may, Maria Salvador dauntlessly dives into this ocean of peculiarities.

In her exhibition “Between Anomalies,” Salvador explores the dichotomy of strengths and weaknesses, courage and timidity – eminent contrasts at the outset, yet a more in-depth look reveals a facet of lucidity. Inspired by her love of freediving, Salvador creates a depiction of coral reefs through her medium of yarn. As fragile as the spun thread, the artist gracefully flows through the intricacy of discovering a tranquil center between opposites. Salvador crochets and knits delicate sea flora which lies on the ocean floor. Despite being blanketed with heavy waters, corals are still perceptible – something that the artist highlights as she illuminates these marine souls through her body of work.

Salvador and her artworks encourage the viewer to swim through the subconscious of uncovering coherence and joy, contemplate on the reverberations of serene heartbeats when submerged underwater, and courageously embrace the anomalies in each dive in life.

[Write up by Deseree Mangulabnan]