You Can’t Go Wrong With Brennan

Getting the perfect pair of men’s shoes can be harder than usual. There are many things to consider. First, men are not really known for keeping as much stuff in their wardrobe as women. Therefore, a pair of shoes must not only withstand the test of time in terms of style and durability, it must also complement a vast majority of styles from the Monday-at-the-office formal to the Saturday-afternoon casual.

Second, a pair of shoes must fit a man’s personality. Men, despite stereotypes, are on the constant road to self-discovery and self-expression. The modern Filipino man is driven, and he would want everything he owns — shoes included — to be able to adapt to this fact.

In this sense, shoes are not merely fashion items. They are, in a way, extensions of a man’s personality.

Maria Salvador understands this, and we have labored hard to create something that can fill a man’s needs and more. Meet the Brennan loafers.

Classic, not old

In an age when men are into sneakers, why make loafers? First of all, loafers are classic and time-tested. Originally modelled after the moccasins of the American Indians, loafers are meant to be both simple to wear and protective of the wearer’s foot. It has a practical slip-on design, and being made from leather, these loafers are meant to last for several years.

Being classic does not mean these shoes are old, though. In fact, over time your Brennan will be imbued with an almost-new quality by virtue of its fit! Leather shoes stretch and mold themselves to the shape of your feet without damage, unlike synthetic materials. This means that the more you wear your Brennan, the more it fits you just right.

Imported materials, local craftsmanship

The Brennan is proudly made in the Philippines, by our expert shoemakers who examine each seam and stitch to deliver truly quality products. Unlike factory-made counterparts, the Brennan does not suffer from lapses in craftsmanship.You can be sure that when you buy a pair of Brennan loafers, you are getting something made with care and love! This extends to all of Maria Salvador’s products.

These shoes are also made of Singaporean leather, known for their premium and uncompromising quality. That means these timeless shoes won’t let you down wherever you may be, and whatever you pair them with. The round-toe design offers maximum comfort and breathability, so whether you’re stuck in day-long meetings or pounding the pavement with your friends, your feet have something solid to rely on without feeling like you’re wearing steel-toe boots!

So go ahead and face the day, and don’t be afraid to go places. Here at Maria Salvador, fashion and function always go hand-in-hand. We’ve taken pains to make sure each product brings out the real you, without having you spend an eternity rummaging through your wardrobe and preening in front of a mirror.

After all, the best test of any look is time, and these shoes — from design to construction — have already passed that. How could you go wrong?

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