The Heart of a Shoe - Beatrice

It’s hard to think about it now, but there was a time when shoes were works of art. Shoemakers took precise measurements, and labored over details like the type of leather, the color, and the shape. These artisans had cut and sewn by hand, offering products that fit the wearer impeccably while providing excellent durability.

Here at Maria Salvador, we preserved the art of shoemaking in our fashion-driven, handcrafted footwear. Because we believe that true glamour can be found at the essence of the product.

Meet Beatrice, one of our achievements in this field.

Form, Meet Function

All the best products in the world are perfect fusions of form and function. In this way, it enables the user instead of impeding her. This idea is at the core of Beatrice. Handcrafted from faux cow suede, Beatrice offers a simplicity that can be partnered with any outfit while retaining a subtle beauty that draws the eyes.

The faux suede material — or “suedette” — offers a wide variety of benefits contributing to Beatrice’s durability. While it maintains the classy look and feel of leather, it does not mat or fray even after prolonged use. It does not attract stains like real suede, and even if it does, cleaning is just a breeze.

Our craftsmen took this awesome raw material and melded it with leather insoles and durable rubber outsoles for the perfect go-to shoe. We also added fringes and ribbons that add just the perfect touch of cuteness without getting in the way.

Unlike many women’s shoes with pointy toes, Maria Salvador went for a more classic round toe shape that’s much more comfortable. Being a loafer, it goes well with both skirts and pants, and will never go out of style. It won’t look out of place in any occasion, and its two available shades of magenta or medium brown are just perfect for when you want to blend in or stand out.

There’s no mistaking this is a woman’s shoes. But you’d be surprised at where you could take it.

A Beauty of Craftsmanship

When was the last time you held a shoe close in order to examine how it was made? We invite you to do that with the Beatrice. Feel the sturdy yet comfortable leather, and how it was joined together with durable stitches. Unlike some glued-together shoes, you can rest assured the Beatrice won’t fall apart.

Indeed, being handmade offers a lot of advantages over the factory production line. While factories take samples at random for quality testing (meaning you can still land with a bad product that somehow missed the tests), handmade items are carefully inspected stitch per stitch. That leaves no room for error. So when you are wearing a pair of Beatrice shoes, you are wearing the product of real human talent, not that of heartless machines. Like the shoes of old, the Beatrice is a work of art on its own.


And of course, you’ll be doing your share in supporting our local artisans! There’s no downside here. Do yourself a favor, and slip your feet into a pair of Maria Salvador’s Beatrice shoes!

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