That Shara Showmanship

Animals bear meaning stemming from ancient beliefs. The toucan, for example, symbolizes speaking out. It is a very outgoing bird, and likes to be seen. It is also a pretty hardy bird, with both its legs and beak being above average in terms of strength.

That’s why it’s just perfect that the toucan appears on Maria Salvador’s latest creation, the Shara. This basket bag has both the hardiness and showmanship of the toucan, with its engaging design and its top-quality materials. This is an essential addition to your fashion-forward wardrobe!

Showing Off Simplicity

Don’t let the small size of the Shara fool you. While only around 10 inches across, this bag can carry anything you can throw at it thanks to its construction. Select bangkuang fibers are woven into a strong pattern, handmade by local craftsmen. Bangkuang is a vine native to Southeast Asia, and known for its durability (as well as the sweet jicama tubers that grow from it). Bangkuang is comparable to well-known fibers like abaca and raffia in terms of its durability and being hard-wearing. Because it is more accessible than the other two, though, you no longer have to pay a premium for high quality.

This hands-on process not only ensures you get the most quality out of this natural product (no bad fibers or weak spots), it also means that each Shara bag is checked and double-checked to avoid lapses in the construction. This makes Maria Salvador’s handmade craftsmanship superior to factory lines, as the latter relies only on random quality checks — which can miss, leaving you with a damaged or under-performing product.

The basket bag is further reinforced by a cotton twill lining, which doubles as protection for any sensitive items you wish to bring along. Cotton twill is strong yet soft, and its unique weave makes it more durable from stains, creasing, and tearing. An inner pocket made from the same cotton twill also makes the Shara more versatile than at first blush, allowing you to carry small items from makeup essentials to electronics!

You see, the Shara aims to be versatile without being complicated. This way of thinking is what drew us to using a drawstring enclosure, instead of traditional zippered or flap-covered ones. The drawstring, an extension of the interior cotton twill, allows you to easily access your stuff without having to fiddle around too much. It also provides a secure enclosure, while also allowing you to carry items bigger than the bag.

There’s also versatility in how you can carry the Shara. You can choose to go handsfree with its adjustable shoulder strap or you can choose to show it off like a tote bag with its durable bangkuang handles. Whichever way you go, the Shara is sure to be a perfect addition to your OOTD!

The Shara comes in two color palettes. Choose from the bright white-and-red gumamela embroidery or the more laid-back white-and-orange blooms on a bed of blue fronds. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to sport your own brand of simple showmanship with the Shara!

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