Style, Substance, and Brandon

Topsiders, or boat shoes, were originally made to provide exceptional grip on the wet and slippery deck of boats. They are the quintessential modern gentleman’s shoe, providing great protection for the foot while also excelling in providing traction on whatever terrain you may encounter. Of course, these shoes are also perpetually in style! Whether you’re in shirts and shorts or in slacks and polos, topsiders are guaranteed to seal the deal. Maria Salvador has made its very own quality topsider in Brandon, a must-have addition to any modern gentleman’s wardrobe!

Superiority in Substance

We’re not simply making buzz with the “superior” tag. The Brandon’s body is made from genuine leather, imported from Singapore. This leather has a particularly fine quality, unlike many in the local market. Genuine leather is famed for its exceptional wear, slowly adapting to the shape of your feet the more you wear it. There’s a good reason the most comfortable shoes in the world are still leather-bound.

The imported raw materials are combined with local handmade craftsmanship, courtesy of our master shoemakers. They are responsible for imbuing the Brandon with all the qualities of a true boat shoe. Yes, just because a shoe looks like a topsider does not mean it is one! True topsiders are made water resistant to guard against the splashes of the deck. The Brandon is no exception.

For added comfort and durability, our craftsmen utilize the famed “Tru-Moc” construction borrowed straight out of the legendary moccasin. Made to brave the wild outdoors, moccasins are made of a single cut of leather and stitched in such a way that blocks the elements from harming the wearer’s feet. There is also an additional vamp or panel of leather that ensures comfort, allowing the shoe to hug the feet. When you look at the Brandon, you’re looking at the upper end of durability and comfort in the humble form of the topsider!

The casual slip-on style and the round toe construction also locks in comfort by not restricting your feet in any way. You see, we’re not just after the creation of a sleek-looking pair of male’s shoes. We’re out to recreate the true essence of a topsider that has made it an immortal presence in the fashion world. That’s why handmade is the only way to go — we’re not relying on machines to possess the shoemaking mastery that skilled hands have!


Versatility in Style

Of course, you’re not going to keep a shoe like this in a glass case. That’s why we made sure it’s something you could wear with just about anything, in just about any occasion. The brown-blue tone pairs well with a huge variety of combinations, so you can walk in style with your pals one day and bravely embark on sudden adventures the next.

Grab a pair of Brandon today and see just what it is made of! Here is a pair that matches your potential for style and substance, without looking like something off a mountain hiker’s gear bag. You have to try it to believe it.

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