Simple as Bethany

When the people of old designed the very first footwear, there was only one thing in their mind: protection. The feet, which carried them throughout all their activities, had to be protected. Soon enough, comfort became a factor — shoes should be good enough for daily wear. Lastly came style. Of course you wouldn't want to wear something that makes you look like a caveman!

When Maria Salvador designs shoes, we also follow these three concepts, in the same order. We make footwear that are meant to protect your feet for years, and yet are comfortable enough to be worn for any occasion. We also work in the elements of high fashion to keep you looking classy wherever you may be. Case in point is Bethany, our purest expression of the concept of "footwear"!


Durability and Comfort in One

Don't be fooled by the Bethany's simple design. Made of durable faux leather, it’s going to last much longer than your other slippers. Faux leather is known to outclass regular leather for everyday use, resisting warps and cracks that would be the bane of other footwear. Faux leather also offers a higher degree of uniformity than regular leather, allowing us to deliver insoles and outsoles that would look consistently beautiful. The material is molded into these strain-free and comfortable flats whose open-toe design is guaranteed to keep your feet happy.


Speaking of beauty, the Bethany is also a work of art in terms of its craftsmanship. While other brands rely on factory-produced slippers that may miss quality checks, each of our Bethany slippers are handmade by local craftsmen. That means every seam is guaranteed to last, and every stitch seals in the product's durability. With Bethany, you not only get a high-quality Maria Salvador slipper, you also get to support our Filipino shoemakers!


A Classic Design

Bethany is bent on being that slipper that you can pick up no matter where your mood will take you. It comes in three colors that will surely match your personality. The smooth Old Pink gives off a fun vibe that you can take to trips with your gal friends. The natural shade of Nude is just as comfortable indoors as it is outdoors. The grounded Army Green, on the other hand, would be perfect for that cheeky OOTD!


The subtle lines of the Bethany's profile also add a dash of classic to your outfit. The faux velvet leather upper is also a fine addition, and these two would make the Bethany perfect for more formal occasions. You're not going to walk to an office wearing loud-colored slippers adorned with tassels and ribbons, but you will feel secure in going out with Bethany’s simple but eye-catching figure.


Bethany is our version of what “simple” footwear should be like — something that does not compromise either durability or comfort, and something that adds style to any outing. We won’t blame you if you find yourself picking up Bethany for whatever the day has in store, whether it’s an evening out or a simple wayside trip!

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