Take to the Seas with Seania

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep reveling in the deep wonders of the sea! With Maria Salvador’s Seania, you can take the grandeur of the ocean wherever you go.

Prime and Primal

In the pantheon of Philippine fibers, the abaca stands as one of the most durable and most versatile. The weavers of the Bicol region use it to produce export-quality handicrafts, from basic mats and baskets to designer bags and other world-class goods.

True to Maria Salvador’s quest for quality, we have used prime abaca fibers in weaving the Seania. The handles are also wrapped in abaca, ensuring durability all around. Dyed gray to reflect the union of the shore and the sea, the abaca is expertly woven in a wave-like spiral pattern. As always, every weave and every seam is checked by our craftsmen. Each Seania is handmade and unique, ensuring there is no room for random production errors like in factory lines.

Around the round bag are embroideries of various seashells, made from raffia — a high-end and much sought-after fiber originating from Madagascar. The soft and pliable strings of raffia complement and rival the abaca. The fiber has been a mainstay in the world of high fashion, being the main material for various garments, bags, hats, and even footwear. This fits perfectly with one of Maria Salvador’s missions, which is to bring the world of high fashion to everyone.

The Seania exudes a serious and primal tone, a perfect accessory to balance out any bright colors in your outfit. Whether it’s at the beach or at the park, at the office or on the road, the Seania’s design gives your style some added depth.


Perfectly Practical

To match the durability of the outer abaca shell, the inner lining is made of cotton twill. This protects your belongings from any abrasion, while helping the abaca keep the elements out of your stuff. Cotton twill is particularly low maintenance, repelling stains and creases better than regular cotton. The parallel ribs in the weave also make it more durable than your typical cotton, allowing it to resist the wear and tear of everyday use. Fit all you can into this 13-inch bag (and that’s quite a lot!) and they will come out in pristine condition all the time. Of course for smaller items there’s an inner pocket you can rely on.

The twill extends to a drawstring closure, that keeps your items sealed tight without the fuss of zippers or flaps. Simply pull to open, and pull to close! Aside from adding an additional layer of protection, the expandable drawstring closure allows you to load items taller than the bag itself. Now you can haul anything without looking like a camper or a porter!

There’s also a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, so you can go hands-free in carrying the Seania. This adds to the versatility of this practical bag.

If you’re in the mood for a bag that says “deep”, “contemplative”, or any synonyms of these words — all without sacrificing beauty and fashion — look no further than Seania!

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