Regally yours, Amery

When mules were first invented, they were associated with the red slippers the ancient Roman Senators and magistrates wore. While they spend a couple hundred years almost exclusively as bedroom shoes, they have now evolved into everyday wear for the modern, sophisticated woman. Naturally, the quintessential mules should also reflect this evolution in purpose. It must be something regal yet not overbearing, comfortable yet outgoing. It should fit just about any occasion you can throw at it, too.

This concept of mules is brought to life by Maria Salvador’s Amery, the casual chic shoe that is sure to take your fashion to the next level! Having the classic comfort of mules together with 21st century refinement and practicality, this is one pair that really lets you stand out and go places.

Not your ordinary mules

The Amery is a cut above the rest, not just in design but also in construction. Expertly handmade by local craftsmen, the Amery shows off the quality of Filipino shoemaking without adding on the premium price tag. Unlike run-off-the-mill shoes, the Amery has each and every stitch checked to ensure nothing is subpar. Compare this with the random quality checks of regular factory-made shoes. This is the level of effort that goes into the creation of each Maria Salvador product.

The upper, insole, and outsole are formed from faux leather, making them durable and resistant to the warps and cracks that are the bane of regular leather. The synthetic construction of the raw material, coupled with the meticulous craftsmanship, ensures you get a uniform product each and every time. Faux leather also wears well and is waterproof, making maintenance a breeze by repelling dust and grime. So don’t be afraid if your Amery takes a little dip every now and then. Slip them on and take them off as you please, wipe them off and they’re good as new! The lightweight materials ensure your feet don’t get fatigued while walking around, so we can’t blame you if you forget you’re wearing something fit for formal functions.

Just like the construction, the design has a lot to say. The closed, pointed toe cap gives the Amery a formal look. We know you’re a woman at the top, and this is a pair of footwear you can sport just as easily in the top-level boardrooms as anywhere else. Because they are mules, they are also comfortable enough for your daily escapades, with the closed toe protecting your feet from the elements. The tassel design adds a tasteful touch, highlighting the best elements of the Amery.

The Amery also comes in three classic colors. Choose between black, white, and brown depending on your choice of outfits and the palettes of your accessories. Whichever you choose, you’re getting shoes that are perfect for any occasion, and as comfortable as anything else you’ve worn before. These are what mules are supposed to be like!

Where will you be taking your Amery? Step out and you’ll know. Wherever that may be, stay regal and chic with Amery at your feet!

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