Nova: The Flats with No Compromise

What do you wear on your off days? Something light and casual, most likely. When not going out on a potential adventure, anyone would want to dress down as comfortably as possible. Without losing the fashion, of course.

Maria Salvador understands this, and we have just the footwear you need. Meet Nova, your easy-wearing, feet-hugging, hard-wearing flats!


Behind the beauty

A look at Nova and you might dismiss it as simply bunny slippers for the outdoors. Yes, the fluffy white single strap made of plastic straw might not look like much, and the handwoven body may look like a mere novelty. Sure, it’s nice and pretty, and a cute piece to add to your OOTD. But how well will it hold out under frequent use? Behind the cutesy appeal of the design is a remarkable manufacturing process using only the best local materials.

At Maria Salvador, we’re always marrying form with function. Nova’s insole is made of abaca, one of the country’s most versatile and durable fibers. Handwoven by our master craftsmen, they are anatomically designed to provide maximum comfort by conforming to the shape of your feet. These practical flats are not just shaped like feet, they are shaped with feet, providing sturdy yet comfortable support for your soles. The open-toe design also adds to the comfort, letting your feet breathe and preventing the constriction of blood flow in your toes.

Both the abaca and the plastic straw upper are also chosen for their ease of maintenance. Do you have to drag your Nova through a sudden downpour, or an unexpected terrain? Don’t sweat — cleaning is as easy as a simple wipe.

You see, behind the beauty of the Nova is a lot of practical design decisions that would make it a no-brainer both to choose and to use.


Wear your pride

Maria Salvador has made it our mission to our local manufacturers and related industries with all of our products. Nova is another statement to this fact. By owning a pair, you take the pride of Filipino materials and craftsmanship wherever you go, wearing a statement of your support.

And because Nova, like all our products, are not made in the cold confines of factories, you’re receiving a pair of flats that have been thoroughly inspected to prevent defects and weak spots. The natural toughness of abaca and the skill of our local craftsmen ensure that your Nova would last for years.


Take it anywhere

Did we mention that it’s the perfect pair of footwear for your off days? In fact you can take it anywhere you could wear its laid-back fluffy design to. Because of its ergonomic features, the Nova is also perfect for those times when you will be standing or walking for most of the time. Take off with your girlfriends on after-hour gimmicks, or wear it to the picnic grounds with your family on weekends. Take a stroll at the park, wear it to the mall, even strut it on a date! Nova means no compromise, so you don’t have to worry.

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