Mela: Loving Your Own

There’s something wonderful about supporting your own. We know this, because at Maria Salvador we go to great lengths to locally source our products. Aside from knowing that each item helps support the livelihood of our local craftsmen, this also helps us ensure both the beauty and high quality of our products.


Nothing shows this dedication to loving your own more than Mela. This round bag is completely Filipino in all its aspects, from its design and character to its materials and creation. It’s the type of bag you could envision being touted by the socialites of a bygone era, where they put their abaniko and panyolito when not in use. At the same time, it’s also modern enough to be your daily driver as you redefine what it means to be a Filipina.


Of Bankuang and Gumamelas

The body of the Mela is made from Bankuang, a type of strong fiber that is akin to abaca. Together with a durable weave made by our master craftsmen, the Mela offers a toughness that is rarely seen in today’s bags. It’s the type of toughness that remains steadfast no matter what kind of weather or environment you haul it through. The handles are also wrapped in Bankuang, providing a strong support that can carry no matter what you decide to bring with you.

Yet, the natural color of the Bankuang fiber only plays a backdrop to the attention-grabbing gumamela embroidery that characterizes Mela. This classy flower comes in four colors, so you can choose your favorite. Woven from the highly-regarded Raffia fiber, the gumamela is a striking fashion statement. The combination of the flower’s delicate features and the obviously rugged nature of the bag is sure to draw eyes no matter where you go.

The interior of the bag is lined with cotton twill, providing a soft but durable layer to protect your belongings. Other practical features such as a detachable shoulder strap and a magnetic enclosure are also present.

You see, the Mela is not just a fashion piece. It is a translation of the Filipina nature — tough and hard-wearing, but beautiful and delicate at the same time. Like the Mela, the Filipina is not just eye-candy — she’s practical and versatile, too.


Each One Unique

We and our craftsmen take quality very seriously. Mela is not produced in any factory line, where lapses and mistakes could result in inferior products. Each Mela is made by hand, every weave and stitch meticulously done and double-checked. Again like the Filipina, each Mela is a truly unique product that is built to stand the test of time.

It also helps bring out the truly unique in you. Go pair it with casual weekend wear, anything from jeans to shorts to skirts. Pick your favorite top, and complete your outfit with any of our Maria Salvador shoes and sandals. Take it to places, and bring along anything you can think of. You’d be surprised at how much you could fit in this 10-inch bag! Flaunt your fashion and love your own — it’s what Mela is all about.

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