Maria Salvador: Blue as the Sky

There is just something special with the color blue. It is one of the primary colors, meaning it is needed to derive most of all the other colors we know. It is towards the middle of the spectrum of light, and is also the color refracted in the sky and reflected in the sea. It is the universal color for peace, and for stability. It is both calm and grounded (ironic for being in the air and water!) while having the capacity for being dynamic and moving.

Yes, if applied to the world of fashion, blue is a great motif. It pairs well with many colors, and all its shades have their own sets of meaning. It's no wonder that we are taking this as our mood color for this collection!


The Many Virtues of Blue

 For many, blue may mean melancholy. But it does not have to be that way. Yes, blue is on the cooler side — it does not have the passion, or the raging heart of red, nor does it have the sunny cheer of yellow. It does not have the lively exuberance of green, nor the royal connotations of purple. Instead, blue has something that is much more fundamental, something that is important not only in general but also to the mission of Maria Salvador as a brand.

Blue is the color of dependability and loyalty. Its cool colors mean that the mind is tempered just enough to gain clarity, so it can express itself in its art. Due to this, blue is also the apt color of expression, and the wisdom that comes with it. As a requisite, there is also confidence which ties itself up to the meaning of blue.

 In higher terms, blue is also the color of everything that symbolizes the sky — flight, the heavens, and all the virtues that go with it. It is the color for faith and truth, as these traits go hand in hand with each other. It is a calming color — psychologically, it helps calm down the nervous system, and slow metabolism. Hence, it can also be construed as a color of focus and relaxation, where we get in touch not just with ourselves but also with the very best that we have to offer.


Blue and Flying High

Yes indeed, blue is a peculiar color with its plethora of meanings and virtues. And this is exactly what Maria Salvador aims to be. We are a fashion brand, but not just a fashion brand. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, making sure that we have not just the best products, but also the best processes and values behind them. We strive to be a business that gives back to the community, a brand that takes great care in producing goods one can be proud of anywhere. This is Maria Salvador at its finest.

Are you feeling blue today? Let Maria Salvador’s line of products fill you with the awesome side of blue, letting you carry on your days with a splash and a bang!

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