Lovin’ Lucas

Has it ever occured to you why leather became the prime material for shoemakers across the world and through time? Aside from offering great protection for two of the most abused parts of the body, leather also offers premium breathability that is hard to match outside the laboratory. As genuine leather is made of animal skin, the pores naturally wick heat and moisture away from the feet while keeping the elements out. Leather is also naturally durable, and with proper care can last for a really long time.

Maria Salvador takes advantage of these natural leather qualities in Lucas, made from genuine European leather uppers and hard-wearing rubber outsoles. Merging the quality of imported raw materials with the unmistakable excellence of Filipino craftsmanship, Maria Salvador has created shoes to last a lifetime.

Living it up

A single look at Lucas and you know it’s made for style. It has all the classic elements that made boater shoes a staple of men’s fashion. Under the characteristic stitching are layers of leather laid out in such a way as to make the shoes waterproof. Rain or shine, Lucas lets you stand out. The double-stitched rubber soles provide great traction regardless of the terrain, so you can go wherever life takes you.

Unlike other factory-made shoes, each and every square inch of the Lucas is manually inspected by our master shoemakers. This is to make sure you receive products of the highest quality, free from random defects that plague factory lines. The handmade process also ensures exceptional fit, resulting in shoes that age well with your daily use without fraying, warping, or cracking.

Aside from the breathable leather and the high-quality lining, the very design of Lucas ensures top-notch comfort. The round toes allow enough room for movement so your toes don’t feel cramped. The slip-on design also lets you get into gear in a jiffy, without the perennial need to tackle the laces.

The classic nautical look is also the perfect addition to any getup, whether you’re just going for a weekend walk or attending a business event in smart casual clothes. It’s the perfect companion for those times when you wish to straddle the fine line between standing out and blending in. Lucas firmly takes after the classics of footwear fashion, while still having enough youth and energy to keep up with you.

A shoe for any reason

There are many reasons for you to pick up your very own pair of Lucas shoes. Maybe you just want a sturdy and comfortable pair of leather shoes. Maybe you want something that looks cool for all occasions. Maybe you want a high-quality pair of footwear that will outlast all others. Maybe you want something that you can take anywhere and everywhere without hesitation.

Whatever your reason for getting new shoes is, grab a pair of Lucas and see the difference. You’re not just doing the local footwear industry a favor, you’re also investing in a quality product that’s sure to be your new favorite.

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