Kick up the wedding bells with Koralle!

Green may be the default color for life and growth, but let’s go for something a little more lively. Picture the color of the sky as the golden sun meets the glistening blue ocean, bringing life to everything that it touches. Picture the bloom of carnations as they wave their petals magnificently in the air. Picture the color of corals, serving as a haven of life in the oft-unforgiving environs of the sea.

The color “Living Coral” is indeed one of the more understated colors depicting life and vibrance. Brought to the fore mainly thanks to Pantone’s selection as a “Color of the Year”, Living Coral is the very essence of the sweetness of living, of sure growth and stability, of the thread that connects all creatures bound by the breath of life.

Hence it is no wonder that Maria Salvador chooses Living Coral as the theme for our first bride — our very own Creative Director, Nhei Salvador!


Imbibing the light

This cheery color dominates our Bridesmaids Entourage, entitled “Koralle”. And why not, since the color symbolizes what a wedding should be — a passionate affair underscored by rock-solid stability.

Corals are among the most important, yet underappreciated creatures on this planet. Seemingly lifeless, these underwater “structures” are teeming with life. Growing slowly but surely throughout the years, they serve as the foundation for a strong ecosystem. Yes, they are colorful, but they are not mere eye candy — they are a vital support for one of the most important spheres of life on the planet.

The coral’s ability to bring life to an otherwise hostile section of the Earth speaks volumes about its namesake color. Here, Living Coral not only symbolizes life but also the ability to support and grow it. The color is a safe haven, a place where the fledgling family can bond and form an atmosphere of trust, despite the ebbs and flows of life. When the tides are high and the waves are rough, we hope for this color to not just be a visual but also an emotional anchor. Like the coral that expands without question and embraces all creatures within its reach, may Koralle be a reminder of inclusion, and of the fact that ego plays no role in harmonious union and growth.

Finally, just as corals play an important role as the foundation of the seas and the many lifeforms in it, so do we hope that Living Coral shall serve as a cue to start building something that will ultimately be bigger than ourselves — not just a family both in marriage and in society, but also fostering a better world starting from the home we will establish.


A different shade of life

Living Coral, for all its cute appearance, is a strong color with a deep meaning. It’s perfect for such at environment as a wedding, where light, life, trust, and togetherness abound! Most of all, it looks perfect as the highlighted color, so let our Koralle wow you and warm your day!

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