Go Timeless With Daniela: Push Back Stud Earrings For Every Style and Age

The Timeless Essentials

A pair of earrings remains to be the top jewellery choice when accessorizing. Not only does it promote the wearer’s personality by adding glam and color, it also helps maximize even the simplest outfits. For whatever reason that you are indulging in any trend at all, bold and beautiful stud earrings will always be the focal point of every modern woman’s sartorial collection.

With a history that dates all the way back to ancient Asia, stud earrings has always featured in the society. From men expressing their high class origins to its contemporary counterpart as a fashion accessory, stud earrings has been leaving marks after marks on every culture. The interesting lineage of this teeny-tiny accessory has definitely left memorable imprint on every era, giving it a very rich past, a lush culture, art, and history, and tons of style. 

At Maria Salvador, we understand that fashion  and style, in addition to comfort and anything else, takes center stage for any outfit. For the artistic, fashion-forward woman, however, we created a timeless piece - the Daniela stud earrings. 

This little darling Daniela is a push back stud earrings meant to keep your wardrobe light. With a goal meant more to accentuate than take over your entire ensemble, the Daniela Stud earrings is meant to complement looks that showcase both elegance and casual grace. It can also serve as a statement piece, with the color-popping variants it comes with, promising to be both edgy and classically elegant, an amazingly perfect fit for the modern woman. 

From the classic white to warm yellow and soothing green, Daniela stud earrings are handcrafted from high-quality and pure resin, married with zinc alloy and carefully handcrafted into this beautiful plant pattern which gives an opulent, yet edgy look that dares to be experimented with. It draws just enough attention to nail the contrast of the edgy and the feminine that is basically trending everywhere.

Unlike any other piece of jewelry, stud earrings is any woman’s go-to fashion accessory. Its simplicity and elegance makes Daniela versatile and easy to pair with any outfit. Whether you are a jewelry lover or not, this stud earrings will make the core of your collection. From job interviews and social gatherings to weddings and date nights, this stud earrings will keep you covered for just about any occasion.

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If you are feeling just a bit reluctant to embrace a fully-fledged edge with green or yellow, you may also check out Daniela in white - a well-crafted push back stud earrings which promises to be stylish yet beautifully refined to achieve an elegant yet eye-catching classic look. 

It’s a good time to be playful and to experiment with the Daniela earrings. With a touch of spring bloom showcased in the plant patterns, and the elegant yet edgy look never straying far from the trends, don’t be afraid to add some volume to your wardrobe with these little babies.

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