Donning Donna

Every woman knows that a well-placed accessory is the key to completing a good ensemble. There are those who approach it in a garish manner, banking on a load of accessories to give color to one’s outfit. That’s all well if it works, but Maria Salvador knows that for most people that’s just cumbersome. Accessories best work as points of silent admiration, items to catch and hold a passing glance.

This is just what the Donna earrings set out to do. Like all Maria Salvador products, these earrings are a combination of beauty and practicality — simple, elegant, and vibrant all at once!

Filipino Craftsmanship x Modern Fashion

The Donna earrings measure two inches by two inches, and like all our products it is handmade by talented local craftsmen. The acrylic material is durable, while the zinc alloy parts are long-lasting and do not tarnish easily. Unlike factory-made earrings, the manual process behind Donna ensures that you only get the highest-quality products — there are no oversights, as everything is checked and double-checked to perfection.

Each pair of earrings is also one-of-a-kind. The materials and process used ensure that no two pieces are ever the same! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pair of earrings that you can completely call your own, instead of the carbon-copy accessories that are everywhere in the market nowadays? These are a pair of earrings you can be proud of.

Donna’s design came directly from the world of modern fashion. The geometric details add a whole new dimension to the simple circular shape, and the three-tone design stands out as a highlight of any attire. These shades also go perfectly with Maria Salvador’s other products, such as shoes, sandals, and bags.

The earrings come in three colors. Whether you’re dressing up at the office or dressing casually for a trip, Donna is sure to be a bright spot in your day! The orange, gold and white triad is perfect for more formal events, while the peach-lilac-purple trio is one you would probably pick for a night out. There’s also Donna in a blue color scheme, which is a refreshing sight for those weekend walks with friends and family. Or you can just simply mix, match, and find your own fashion!

Practicality in Design

Maria Salvador knows that beauty doesn’t have to come with sacrifices. That’s why we chose the drop earring design when we created Donna. The simple design allows you to wear it hassle-free, without hindering your movements. The acrylic material is lightweight to prevent too much drag, and the metal alloy used is strong enough to hold even through the most rigorous motions. The earrings stay put, but they don’t stay out of sight — they’re impossible to miss, so you’re sure to turn heads! It’s got all the advantages and fashion-forwardness, without the bulkiness of other designs.

Maria Salvador’s mission is nothing short of providing you with admirable quality. Donna is an expression of this mission statement, a perfect addition to an OOTD that has you standing up and going places!

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