Colorful, Chic, Carmen

Colorful. Festive. Regal. We know tote bags are supposed to be simple and practical, but these are among the top words to come to mind when you see the Carmen Basket Tote Bag. And why not? Who says simple and practical can’t be fashionable? At Maria Salvador, both form and function are at the heart of every creation. And it doesn’t hurt that this bag can take the beating of the elements and still remain colorful, festive, regal, and more!

A Dash of Exotic

Raffia is a type of palm that’s not too different from our own native rattan. Originally from Africa, raffia fiber is especially known for being soft and pliable, while still being strong and eye-catching. Its normally tannish hue can be dyed for all types of uses. It is truly an exotic fiber, and the Carmen bag captures that spirit completely.

Carmen’s body is made completely from raffia, woven in a complicated diamond pattern by expert local craftsmen. This body is then adorned with a flower-crowned flamingo, also in raffia fiber, and topped with a pompom fringe. If your first goal in a bag is for it to catch attention, then Carmen won’t fail you! The fringe design also comes in three variations, to suit your style.

But of course, that’s not all this versatile bag has to offer. The durable body specializes in carrying anything you can fit into it. The open-top style means nothing can get in the way between you and your stuff, for easy access on the go. The insides are lined with cotton twill, which unlike regular woven cotton is more resistant to creasing, staining, and tearing. For the small stuff that could spill out, we have added an inner pocket for your convenience.

And because the Carmen was made for carrying, we made sure you do it comfortably. The handles are ribbon-wrapped so it feels smooth whether you’re carrying it by hand or on your shoulder. The dimensions are large enough to hold all your belongings, and small enough so you can tote it anywhere and everywhere.

The natural raffia fibers are perfect for all kinds of occasions! Aside from their natural durability, they are also very easy to clean. High fashion does not mean high maintenance, after all. So go ahead and take the Carmen wherever you wish — it’s not going to let you down.

Handled with Love

All Maria Salvador products are made by hand, with love. Large-scale factories can’t do justice to the art of making bags like the Carmen. Our local craftsmen are skilled at not only making the high points of the raw materials stand out, but also in ensuring that every stitch and every weave is checked and double checked. That leaves you with a product that does not compromise in terms of quality. That is the Maria Salvador standard. Because we know no one should settle for anything less than the best, both in form and function.

So stand up, go places, and take your whole life with you with the Carmen Basket Tote Bag!

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