Charlotte: Your Tribe, Your Rules

Want to bring a feast wherever you go? Carry our Charlotte tote bag and light up the party!

Maria Salvador is committed to bringing international fashion to the Filipino market, and it can't get more international than this. Made from raffia fibers — a durable and valued product from Africa — and embroidered with an unmistakable African design, this open tote bag is perfect both for carrying all your stuff and for bringing more than a little life to the party!

Simple and practical

Like all Maria Salvador bags, the Charlotte is the perfect melding of international materials and local craftsmanship. The raffia fibers come directly from the source, and are woven with love and care to create these masterpieces. There may be other similar bags out there, but can you really be sure about their quality? Factory-made items are only guaranteed by a random quality control that could miss some products. That means you may unluckily end up with a faulty bag. Handmade bags like the Charlotte, on the other hand, have each and every seam and stitch inspected to ensure you end up with the best product.

The raffia fibers protect the bag all around, from the body to the handle. This makes it fit for any outing, protecting your items from the elements. The inside is lined with cotton twill, which is more durable against tearing and creasing than regular cotton weave. The open tote design allows for easy access to all your things, and its 12-inch height and 20-inch diameter is perfect for just about anything you wish to bring! There is also an inner pocket that lets you keep those smaller stuff you don't want to lose.

Finding your tribe

The Charlotte comes in two colors. There's the hot pink, which is perfect for a party-like atmosphere! Pink yarn is woven throughout the body in a zigzag design, so you're not just lugging around a plain basket weave. In contrast, the black variant is accented by a vibrant teal and muted red, a good fit for those times when you want to be more subtle without losing your fashion sense. The black yarn weaves around the raffia in a diamond pattern, highlighting the more mature look of the bag.

So that tribal design isn't just for show — the Charlotte really does let you find your tribe! Are you the life of the party or the queen of the pack? Are you the cheerful spirit or the dominant one? Grab the Charlotte that is perfect for you!

The Charlotte is just one of the many Maria Salvador creations that will surely make you stand out. It's beautiful, roomy, practical, and durable. Above all, it makes a whopping fashion statement! Use it as your everyday driver or a conversation starter. Use it to carry around your daily kikay kit, or use it to bring home the fruits of your shopping trip in style. Use it to impress, or to express. It's your choice, and Maria Salvador is out here to help you make it!



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