Casey: Take It Everywhere

When life gives you lemons… turn it into a tote bag!

Face whatever comes your way with this chic and durable Casey Basket Tote Bag by Maria Salvador. It’s not your typical kikay purse. While it pairs off perfectly with any casual clothes, this bag is designed from the inside out to weather anything you come across.

Handmade with Quality

The handmade basket tote bag is woven from bankuang, a type of fiber known for its strength. Falling into the same fold as abaca and rattan, bankuang imbues the Casey with a tough exterior that perfectly protects your belongings.

The natural tone of the fiber is highlighted by twelve hand-embroidered lemons made from raffia, another type of fiber most common in Africa’s Madagascar region. It’s a perfect mix of local craftsmanship and international class! And because this Maria Salvador classic is made with the excellence of Filipino craftsmanship, you can be assured that every stitch, every weave will last for years.


The Soft Side

Behind the durable shell of the Casey Basket Tote Bag is an exterior that is fully lined with cotton twill. This ensures that your stuff is protected not just from bumps and crashes, but also from scratches. The smooth interior makes the bag perfect for just about anything, from personal belongings, to gadgets, to office equipment, to a change of clothes!

Likewise, the handle is wrapped in yellow knitting yarn that not only matches the body embroidery but also makes it easier to carry. Sling it over your bare shoulders or carry it around by hand — the soft handle makes it as comfortable as it is strong!

Always Practical

With Casey, there’s no need to fumble around with zippers and flaps. The drawstring enclosure allows you to immediately access the bag’s contents in one go, while also preventing anything from falling out by accident. There is also an inner pocket that is ideal for smaller things, from lipsticks to flash drives.

The size is also just right for everyday use. The bag is 12 inches high, and the drawstring enclosure can extend far above the top to cover taller contents. The length is just right at 17.5 inches, give or take a little due to the handmade nature of the bag. That’s more than enough room to take all your essentials, plus more. Now you don’t need to worry about choosing what to go out with, as you can take everything with you without looking like you’re lugging a camping bag!

Go Places

The Casey is your perfect companion for those days when you just don’t know what you’ll come across. It’s light enough to be brought anywhere, yet strong enough to survive adventures. From morning rush hours to late night dinner dates, the Casey won’t let you down. Its rugged design is sure to make a statement no matter where you take it.

So don’t be afraid, go ahead and go places! Bring everything you need, and bring more back. But don’t stop there — do it all in style with Maria Salvador’s Casey Tote Bag!

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