Carry It All with Cara

Simplicity, beauty, versatility, and attitude — these are the things about Cara that will make you go wow!

Hand-woven and hand-embroidered from Raffia, a type of fiber most commonly harvested from the exotic landscapes of Madagascar, this round basket bag from Maria Salvador is sure to make a statement each time you take it out. Its neutral tones are easy to pair with most getups, and its well-thought out design makes it a great companion for whatever adventure you have in mind!

Handmade with Love

Just like all of Maria Salvador’s bags and shoes, the Cara is handmade to perfection. Our skilled weavers take the best strands of Raffia fibers and weave them with care, ensuring that your bag does not have any defects or weak points that would otherwise be skipped in a factory production line. Because it is 100% made in the Philippines, the mere creation of this bag supports the livelihood of local bag makers. And once it gets into your hand, it is ready to support you through whatever you have in mind.

It is easy to appreciate the practicality of the Cara. The cylindrical shape allows it to stand on its own no matter where you put it down, so it doesn’t tip over and send the contents rolling out. The handle is itself wrapped in Raffia, giving you a solid grip if ever you need to use the bag for heavy stuff. It also comes with its own leather shoulder strap for hands-free carry. Aside from ensuring a comfortable fit, the leather is durable enough to last the seasons without cracking or tearing. The strap is also detachable, in case you want it out of the way.

The roomy space of the Cara lets you store anything you want, from kikay stuff to a week’s worth of groceries. The 8-inch diameter and 7-inch height makes the Cara big enough for your everyday drive! An inner pocket allows you to carry sensitive items without worry, and the cotton twill internal lining also makes sure whatever you’re carrying is protected from scratches.

Instead of the clumsy flaps and zippers, the Cara is sealed by a drawstring closure that reliably secures all its contents. The closure can also be extended above the body of the bag, allowing you to carry items taller than its height. The black cotton twill complements the natural color of the Raffia, making the Cara stand out from whatever outfit.

Up Your Game

When you take the Cara out, you know you aren’t just going out to play. You’re out to win! Say goodbye to those flimsy handbags with their cliché floral designs and their impractical accessories. Instead, unleash the Cara on your daily activities and never look back on whether you’re being too harsh on your bag. Carry all that you need, and bring back even more. That’s what a bag is for, and that’s what the Cara will deliver.

Just like the self-supporting cactus that the Cara proudly bears, boldly tread the unexpected places with this Maria Salvador creation.

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