Be your best with Brett

Let’s face it, the words “fashionable” and “hard-wearing” are not often thrown together. Many fashion brands out there aren’t meant for the great outdoors. Strutting the sidewalk in the after-hours? Good. But tramping the city outskirts in an impromptu adventure? Good luck.

Yet Maria Salvador is on a mission to break the mold. Each of our products are a merger of beauty, durability, and versatility.

Take Brett, for example.


No backing down

Everything about the Brett is just plain solid. Made of high-quality, sturdy Singaporean leather, these shoes can take a beating and come out unscathed. Its uppers can withstand the wear and tear of years without warping or cracking. Instead, it slowly molds itself to your feet, ensuring a premium fit that only genuine leather could give. The leather is also sewn in such a way as to make it waterproof — simple splashes and a quick run down puddled roads won’t be a problem.

Just like all Maria Salvador products, Brett is handmade to perfection. Each seam and stitch is meticulously checked by our master shoemakers. Unlike factory-made shoes that may slip through quality control tests, every inch of our Brett shoes is inspected for any rough cut or stray thread, for any weak spot that may compromise its quality. This results in a superior construction that makes the Brett ideal for those living an active lifestyle. The high-traction rubber soles are also double-stitched, so you can confidently tread any terrain without fear of slips or leaks.


Comfort isn’t compromised either, with the round toe design allowing for enough room for movement. This reduces the strain on your feet. Being patterned after the design of the original loafers, Brett keeps the elements out so your feet remain snug and dry all the time. A slip-on design means you don’t have to fumble with laces all the time, and that getting into or out of Brett takes just about a second.


Even the solid brown color makes it ideal as your grab-and-go footwear, as it easily pairs with whatever your outfit is. Denims and jackets? It’s perfect. Shirts and shorts? Classy. Slacks and sleeves? You can’t go wrong. There are several reasons why loafers have stood the test of time and remained in fashion since they were first introduced. Maria Salvador had taken all of these, and rolled them into one design that guarantees you won’t back down from anything.


Best for anything

At Maria Salvador, we want you to stand up and go places — to be the best you can be for anything life has to offer. Brett was made to fulfill this vision. Why should you fear what lies ahead when you can dress for the unexpected and look cool while at it? Wear Brett to the office and party hard in the afterhours. Or, take it to a simple weekend trip and continue on to a surprise adventure. Make your daily OOTD selection simpler: if you’ve got no plans for the day, then plan to wear your Brett. Whatever happens, at least you’re ready to go!

Brett — be your best and beat the boundaries!

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