Brenda: Bring on the day

We understand — you’re a busy woman, and if you could, you would want to have your decisions made for you. Here at Maria Salvador, we try to make our products fit to a T with everything else in your multifaceted life, so you can just grab and go without looking like it. We devote plenty of our time in designing products that maximize your style factor without compromising comfort and durability. We do that so you won’t have to, and so you can devote more of your time to the best things in life!

Case in point is Brenda, our sassy little open-toe slip-on. It’s a must for any woman looking for the complete weekend get-up! Pair it with anything from pleated skirts and tank tops, to short shorts and a shirt, to casual jeans and a blouse. We guarantee you’ll look just as mesmerizing!

Faux Leather For the Win

When it comes to something as simple as a slipper, craftsmanship is key. The Brenda is made of faux leather all around, from the classy ruffle details to the insole and outsole. This offers a number of advantages, such as allowing for durability and ease of care. Unlike ordinary leather, faux leather is more durable against the elements and does not crack or warp. Stains don’t stick to faux leather like they do to real leather, allowing you to simply wipe off everything! And because faux leather is made to consistent quality standards, you can be sure that your Brenda slippers will not carry even minute imperfections.

The advantages of faux leather are coupled with Maria Salvador’s handmade craftsmanship. Factory-made slippers rely on random quality checks to ensure their consistency, but that means on a bad day you may still end up with a faulty product. In contrast, handmade products by our local shoemakers ensure everything is formed and bound together with care. So you get all the advantages of synthetic materials, with the quality of Philippine-made slippers!

Supporting You Always

Coming in three colors, Brenda helps bring out the real you. Carry an air of simple mystique with the midnight blue variant, or go for an earthy, all-seasons look with milk green. Or, bring out your playful side with baby blue! No matter which color you are, Brenda is there to support you with its simple practicality.

Need something to wear for a quick walk downtown? Or a Sunday out with the family and friends? Maybe you need something more comfy to walk around in during an extended day at the office, or something to pair with a semi-formal look. Whatever the day, you’ll find a reason to pick up the Brenda.

Yes — because you’re a busy woman, we know you need fashion finds that will serve you reliably over time, the type that does not need constant thought or upkeep. So we’ve made the Brenda to help you out, so you can bring on the day! It’s so good, so comfortable, you’d forget you’re wearing it —- but we’re pretty sure others will keep noticing it for you!

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