Bianca: That Pair of Shoes

Every woman needs that pair of shoes that she could wear for the lazy days, for those times when she does not want to dress up… that won’t betray the fact. They need to be easy yet classy, simple yet elegant. They need to be just as useful treading the tiled office floors as they are walking to the corner grocery store.

Sure, you could make do with a regular pair of sandals, but they won’t be as comfortable when your next-door trip suddenly takes you to another side of town. A pair of weekend shoes would be okay, but they won’t exactly look good when you suddenly remember you have to drop by someplace more formal. No, you need the best of both worlds.

You need a pair of Maria Salvador’s Bianca shoes.

Flat Shoes, Vibrant World

Every simple detail of the Bianca was made to make your life easier. First is the glossy faux leather upper portion, which was made not only to make it look classy but also to make maintenance much easier. Simply wipe off anything that sticks, and you’re back in shape. We know no one likes cleaning on those lazy days.

The closed toe design adds a degree of formality to this slip-on, while still retaining comfort due to its curved design. None of those pointy toes! Flats also score perfect scores when it comes to practicality, allowing you to comfortably tread wherever. And when you really need to do a lot of treading, you’d bless your pair of Bianca shoes that you don’t have sore feet!

The faux leather material adds another dimension of practicality. It is lighter than real leather, and has been specially treated to repel stains that could ruin your looks. Because it’s man-made, this type of leather is more consistent, allowing all Bianca shoes to have color and texture consistency. Unlike real leather, faux leather does not mat or fray. And of course, it is Maria Salvador’s mission to bring the best fashion finds from the catwalk to your closet — and faux leather lets us do that without the mind-numbing price tag!

Bianca comes in three subtle shades that let you get the right look no matter your fashion sense. There’s a Bianca for everyone! But really, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Whether you’re in short shorts or in frilly skirts, in halters or in baggy t-shirts, Bianca is guaranteed to be a high point of your getup.

Perfect in Every Step

The Bianca can be a keystone in any outfit. It can be an important piece, but all the same it is just a piece. It’s up to you to build up from it! Would you want it to look exotic? Cute? Elegant? Edgy? The Bianca can do all that. And at the end of the day, it’s a shoe what will remain perfect in every step.

Finally, each Bianca pair is handmade with love by local craftsmen, making sure that you’re getting top quality that has been meticulously cut and stitched. Support our local shoe makers as they support you through quality shoes!

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